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Thomas Octopus by Madison Bellet

Luke 4:40 by Sam Matias

untitled by Addisyn Stute

Collage 1 by Amelia Stone

We as a People by Ava Kilgren

Valley of Life by Amelia Stone

Tree Tunnel by Miles Draper

untitled by Lily Gifford

Yamna by Sophie Garfield

Shelly by Ava Jacobsen

The Red Barn by Olivia Newton

untitled by Natalie Luginbill

Hidden Wonderland by Ocean Hosford

Call Me By Your Name by Leah Clark

Organs by Madison Bellet

untitled by Ella Schafer

Marilyn by Paige Monroe

Moments in Time by Savannah Hogge

Astro by Nicole DeLuca

Ball Glove by Aubrey Kolberg

Equinox by Miriam Hahnenberg

Balance in the Pond by Jayde Arnett

Untitled by Aaliyah Valles

Beautiful Day by Blake Van Norman

Ceaser by Abbey Toner

Two Peasant Women in a Meadow by Makena Snitgen

Haunted House by Claire Mourey

Cyrus by Aubrey Kolberg

Chautauqua by Gwen Petrie

Crawley Cottage by Allison Galloway

Mrs. J by Aislyn Long

Venus Flytrap by Kyra Wilson

untitled by Tristan Baraburiye

Saugatuck by Zoe Meyer

There are brighter days ahead by Allison Armstrong

untitled by Mia Gentile

untitled by Roxanna Patricio Saldana

Clipped Growth by Skyler Edwards

Elegance by Ashlyn Kephart

Tender by Maia Lodise

Static by Grace Liggett

Twisted by Bane Knoblauch

She Is by Akira Ball

untitled by Shaun Miller

A Northern Waterfall by Myah Fletcher

Decisions by Isabella Procopio

Dust to Dust by Kyra Dykes-Owens

Inside These Walls by Brianna Nedwick

Collage 2 by Amelia Stone

Plumeria by Paige Monroe

Fossilized Life by Kai Ford

Winter by Hailey (Luna) Jacobs

Diversity by Milica Vidovic

Rainbow Cat by Zoey Dellvon

untitled by Lillyona Flagg

Tigerlily by Kaitlyn Moser

untitled by Garrett Smith

Golden Hour by Anna Harvey

Yellowstone Geysers by Allie Call

Blue Bird by Devlin King

Calabria by Nicole DeLuca

Golden Hour by Jayden Soles

RED by Bawi Par

Marshmellow by Bridget Bettinger

The Fall Path by Ellery Curtis

Feeling Blue by Skyler Edwards

Be Not Afraid by Ayla Schnepp

Working Hands by Izzy Haller

Happy Face by Jagwar Twins by Annelise Jeitschko

Three Headed Dog by Olivia Klatt

Cornelian Pendant by Layna Norick

untitled by Elise Seydel

Woodland Serenity by Raymond Zhu

World’s Time by Tiger Yang

Freddy and Gregory Exploring by Enrique Gomez

untitled by Sudhiksha Domdara

untitled by Georgia Fromson

Florence by Allison Galloway

untitled by Jadon Cunningham

Emerald Love by Jayden Soles

Shoes too Tight by Shaun Miller

untitled by Kai Ford

Untitled by Carter Smelser

untitled by Jana Carrasquer Pinto

untitled by Alex VanNote

Mother Nature by Shaun Miller

Bee Hive Mug by Hannah Kunc

untitled by Jasmine Chow

Self-Love by Liz Schafer

Descension to the Midnight Zone by Allison Galloway

RIP by Analia Turner

Grandma Dream by Jessica Jamieson

Selena by Braden Mireles

untitled by Stella Hunter

Love Fool by Alex Keifer

Book 1 by Audrey Reagan

Dragon by Jade Dawson

untitled by Rosie Bills

untitled by Chloe Stork

Tied to the Fence, Dollface by Alora Leyrer

A Touch of Light by Molly Kilpela

My Headphones by Cer Hliang

Reimagined Lament for Icarus by Dana Hunnicutt

Flying Free by Renata Laird

Eve by Miriam Hahnenberg

untitled by Seoeun Lee

Bright Shadows by Braden Kephart

Westward Destiny by Gabriella Spagnuolo

Aikatrine by Helena Czekalski

Summer Love by Hannah Kunc

Harry Styles by Makena Snitgen

In Bloom by Sarah Corey

Landscape 1 by Aubrey Kolberg

Spotlight by Allyesse Wicks

untitled by Elena Garbaccio

Wonderland by Emily Pounds

Starry Night Inspired Seascape by Olivia Sokol

Reaching for Self-Growth by Brooke Miller

My Body Is Not Mine by Luka Murphy

Souls United by Kathryn LaFeve

Niagara Falls by Anna Riehl

Paper Butterfly by Chloe Stork

Crimson Trees by Neva Marsden

Apple Orchard by Rosemary Buhl

Love at first sight by Alysia Riffenburg

Jiraiya by Luka Murphy

Reclaimed Material Moth by Rebecca Colson

Starved by Ashley Sweeney

untitled by Tatiana Gramlich

untitled by Leah Elliot

Falling by Ella Fodge Franklin

Projector Room Meal by Casey Cortright

Winter Fun by Brandon Lam

Ninety by Delany Frank

Apple Blossoms by Lindsay Walczak

Stanley by Abbey Toner

Blood Soaked Tears by Alana Rose

The Swimmer by Rachel Carlson

Lil’ Dicky by Brielle Culbertson

Bernice by Nala Noel

untitled by Sam LeFleur

SIGN of the times by Gabrielle Stafford

The Series by Mason Dexter

untitled by Miranda Bourne

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