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Marvellous Beaches Decay by Leina DeWolf

Self Portrait by Ashlyn Ronning

Lioness by Maryn Moore

Unreachable Joy by Elizabeth Ramey

Papa JIm by Emma Lyons

8 Circles by Erica Esquivel

Parrot by Katie Doneth

Klexos by Lily Hogarth

Bittersweet Dream by Lily Agueros

Woman of the Universe by Emma Lyons

In a Thought by Kiele Ford

Untitled by Ashley Loomis

It’s Still Me by Erica Esquivel

Yelling and Politics by Dana Hunnicutt

Empire Shoreline by Emma Lyons

Fab Me by Erica Esquivel

Untitled by Lauren Hutnik

Basket 1 by Brenna Marshall

Come Alive by Alyssa Otton

Paint to Life by Alyssa Otton

Body of Life by Mitchell Biggs

Circles of a Famous Art by Manessah Naval

Selfie by Addison Yerks

New Passion by Maria Piloto

Untitled by Mya Brewer

Huron Sky by Ella Marable

The Eye of the Beholder by Sophia Strasburg

Breathe by Julianna Sitarski

Springtime Landscape by Keana Dong

Lady Wolf by Savannah Burgess

Self Portrait by Madeline Loomis

Masked Love by Gwenna Zanin

Boy in Blue by Camden Padgett

Untitled by Elena Potter

Footed Silence by Landen Blixt

Untitled by Esha Kumar

My Furry Friend by Ashlyn Ronning

The comfort by Mikaylah Roberts

Still Life in Blue by Jenna Downs

Sunset in Ludington by Corinne Ritter

Under the Sea by Maryn Moore

Serenity by Addison Yerks

Untitled by Xochitl Kwasnik

Happy Day! by Ava Yon

What’s hiding in the canvas? by Ava Yon

Rainbow Lion by Averie Cooper

Fish Tank by Brooke Casaletto

Portrait of Chadwick Boseman by Ashlyn Kephart

The Vastness by Emma Reynolds

Untitled by Kaitlyn Dickey

Untitled by Esha Kumar

Breathe by Emma Bentley

Still Life in Pink by Keana Dong

Frida K. by Manessah Naval

Hands by Khayue Xiong

Untitled by Esha Kumar

Famous by Jessica Esquivel

Untitled by Stephanie Stephens

Welcome to the Jungle by Gavin Weber

Blue Suffocation by Landen Blixt

Stay Safe by Jessica Esquivel

Tyler by Corinne Nichols

Arrow by Julianna Sitarski

Untitled by Kendahl Morrison

I Remember by Gwenna Zanin

Self Portrait by Calvin Bosanic

These Boots were made for walking by Ashlyn Ronning

Oh To Be Pretty by Ashley Morgan

Lady Paint by Mitchell Biggs

Pandemic by Jenna Downs

Volcano by Mya Brewer

Bowl 1 by Brenna Marshall

Untitled by Ashley Cho

Visit to Europe by Jenna Downs

Mountain Cabin by Anna Zander

Don’t Waste your Mind by Wyatt Strpko

Untitled by Atu Ngasala

My Favorite Things by Madison Bellet

I’M SAFE by Nyomi House

The Path of Life by Alyssa Otton

Starry Dreams by Katherine Hawthorne

Your Hate is a Target on Me by Nessia Brooks

Grow Through What You Go Through by Tina Tran

Still by Jessica Esquivel

Rooster by Maryn Moore

SICK by Erica Esquivel

Sinking in a Void by Ashley Sweeney

Sunny Meadow by Joseph Martens

Metamorphosis by Logan Hewitt

Golden Ringed Dragonfly by Emma Lyons

Jeep Liberty Concept by Gavin Weber

Magical Circles by Jessica Esquivel

Equestrian Anatomy by Kyra Dykes-Owens

Old, Tired Subway Car by Anna Meyer

Selfie by Izzy Adams

Inner Deceptionby Landen Blixt

Untitled by Esha Kumar

My Friends by Averie Cooper

Find Yourself Again by Gwenna Zanin

A Shakespearean Tragedy by Claire Daniels

Blue Obsidian by Nyomi House

Can’t Breathe by Landen Blixt

Hidden in the Grasslands by Addison Yerks

Untitled by Lillian Robinson

Heaven’s Calendar by Brianna Hanes

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