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Untitled by Alora Mullins

Bobby by Ada Norick

A Lingering Demise by Andy Nguyen

untitled by Raya Goulding

Gabriel by Sophia Meszaros

Princess of Blue by Ahmad Ismaeel

Bingo Night Dump Bucket by Helena Czekalski

Holding Still by Selena Chen

Fragile by Miyoshi Naval

Untitled by Stacy Hernandez

Michigan by Sophia Kernen

Untitled by Anastacia Hearn

Monochrome Waters by Lilyana Morehead

Soft Waterfall by Ashleigh Dalling

Crying Circus Clown by Elijah Hood

False Warmth by Biannca Mochalkin

untitled by Joanna Deng

Fever Dream by Neva Marsden

Starry Daze by Rudy Marinez

Coffee Spill by Addison Schamehorn

Saying Goodbye by Liz Schafer

untitled by Mia Koenemann

Towers by Madison Bellet

Into The Trees by Janelle Ostrowski

Mother of a Pearl by Willow Wright

27 Days… Fella by Elijah Pung

Untitled by Marshall Skorna

A World in Black & White = Grays by Talia Silva Ratto Ferreira

Under the Sea by Addy Miller

Every Sunflower Needs Water by Andy Pelletier

Untitled by Mia Gentile

Honeysweet Delusion by Maria Reyna

Lovesick by Shaelynn Root

untitled by Abigail Burba

Untitled by Olivia Smoot

Spaced Out by Caden Backlund

Freddie Mercury by Rowen Eyde

Fingerpainting no. 1 by Alaina McHaney

Looking Glass Mountain by Allison Armstrong

untitled by Amy Lee

Flights of Color by Ava Gibson

untitled by Seoeun (Sarah) Lee

Eyes of Dance by Kathleen Dybas

Watch Out by Darian Giddens

Portrait by Addy Warren

The “June Bug” by Shaeley Proseus

phases of faces by Alora Leyrer

Untitled by Shylie P.

Focus &Hard Work = WINNERS by Keiby Manzano Madrid

Birds that Hang Together by Enrique Gomez

Harvest Still Life by Adella Egger

I Heard the Sky’s Still Blue by Vinny Heinritz

Untitled by Dillan Reeve

True Colors by Molly Kilpela

Yaquina Head Light House by Layna Norick

Suspicion by Annarella Lizardo

untitled by Mai Wagner

Shenandoah Mountains by Foster Damerow

George by Lillian Pettit

Chicago Regatta by Anna Riehl

Golden Mystery by Myah Fletcher

Restricted for Beauty by Adelaide Culp

Faces of Disgrace by Raphiel Guerrero

Animal Skull by Belinda Gurliaccio

Messy Romance by Taylor Grossman

Untitled by Emily Crites

AKARI [Op1.2] by Josef Spiller

Evening in Pizzo by Isabella Procopio

Untitled by Olivia Guyton

3-21-12 by Allison Galloway

Blue Snake by Ashley Van Alstine

Sands of Time by Seraphim Prince

Every rose needs thorns by Skylar Edwards

Jungle Bird by Addy Warren

Reputation by Zoe Cogan

Where We Were 8/21/23 by Aislyn Long

Dulling Faces, Rusted and Stained by Kylee Campbell

untitled by Foster Damerow

To The Bone by Sally Loveless

Sea of Dreams by Brenna Dart

Untitled by Alex VanNote

Untitled by Jill Dexter

Playful Apples by Hailey Grimes

Rooster by Allison Kane

Scattered by Teagan Kersey

How High Can You Jump! by Jesus Gonzalez-Torres

Primary by Paige Kutas

Arc de Triomphe by Alaina Sharp

Contemplative Evening by Gabriella Spagnuolo

Reaching Outside the Box by Olaa Alfadel

Always and Forever by Allison Galloway

Untitled by Steven Carian

Brilliance by Darian Giddens

Blossoms in Flight by Miriam Hahenberg

Personal Achievement by Charlie Tennant

Mermaid Looking Out the Window by Jenna Tran

Bad Days by Teagan Kersey

the Way We See It by Oliver Bentley

Untitled by Roxanna Patricio Saldana

Christmas Chaos by Ally Bennett

Circle of Life by Alysia Riffenburg

Fate has its Favorites by Aislyn Long

Miles Morales by Piper Devereaux

Fallen Angel by Abby Metts

The Red Dress by Samantha Collins

Razzmatazz by Alyssa Manwell

Waves by Claire McIntire

Untitled by Thomas Pham

Inhibition by Carlos Salais

Glittering Potential by Allison Luginbill

untitled by Leah Clark

Maximalism by Kathleen Dybas

untitled by Leah Clark

Forgotten Memory by Ella Anderson

Rose Colored Glasses by Ellery Curtis

Orchid by Eliana Mendoza

Ineffable by Cecelia Williams

Atlas by Julianne Serviss

Canyon O’ Times by Levi Horlacher

Untitle by Natalya Lasorda

Moody Blues by Jade Dawson

Hey sweetie by Nala Noel

Wax Cast Flower & Bezel-Set Aventurine Stone by Layna Norick

Pure Bliss by Allison Galloway

Brown Skin Girl by Rayana Bryant

Still Life with Gourds by Ashleigh Dalling

Skull by Leah Morsehouse

You look like the rest of my life by Mackenzie E. Hall

Calm and Chaos by Sami Ransom

Me Combined with my O.C. Rosella by Aspen Hornback

Woman in Picture by Braden Kephart

Daisybed by Ariana Erickson

Portrait of a Boy by Allison Luginbill

Loss by Lena Anzaldua

Luck of the Irish Hills by Lauren West

Still Life with Bottles by Braden Kephart

Circus by Dakota Shaltry

Thoughts by Kathleen Dybas

I SEE by Harmanpreet Kaur

untitled by Savannah Haun

Broken by Alana Root

Untitled by Alora Mullins

Venice: Maze of Memories by Brelyn Magie

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